What Are Conflict-Free Diamonds?

What Are Conflict-Free Diamonds?

By: Kelly York

wedding, engagement, rings The Desire Diamond Engagement Ring is made of conflict-free diamonds. Conflict-free diamonds are the right choice, if you love diamond jewelry. There are ethical questions to some aspects of the diamond industry. What does it mean for a diamond to be conflict-free? How can you ensure that the diamond you buy for yourself or someone you love doesn’t have an awful history? Here’s what you need to know about conflict-free loose diamonds, so that you can enjoy your diamonds and have peace of mind.

A Diamond’s History

In 2002, the United Nations adopted the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This outlined the requirements and regulations for the countries that mine and export diamonds. The diamonds must be mined and then shipped in a humane and appropriate way to qualify for this certification. If the diamond meets this standard then they will have a certificate that the jeweler can produce when asked. Ben David Jewelers sells only conflict-free diamonds.

Where Conflict-Free Diamonds Come From

Diamonds mined in Canada are known for being some of the best conflict-free diamonds available on the market, but they aren’t the only source. Australia, Russia, and many African countries also offer certified conflict-free diamonds. The most important thing to look for, to know if a diamond truly meets the standards, is through the Kimberly certification. Conflict-free diamonds in l'amour star diamond earrings. L'Amour Offers Conflict-Free Diamonds in Their Earrings

Are These Diamonds More Expensive

If you think that all of this documentation means diamonds will be more expensive then you should think again. While many factors may make one diamond more expensive than another, this is not one of them. Ben David Jewelers doesn’t just believe in high-quality jewelry, but high standards too. You can count on Ben David Jewelers to be a jeweler you can trust to know you’ve been a part of a responsible diamond buying process. Come in and see the variety of conflict-free diamonds we have to offer today.