What is a Chocolate Diamond?

This page answers the question, "What are chocolate diamonds?"
Ring Featuring Chocolate Diamonds offset by White Diamonds

A lot of people are still asking, “What is a chocolate diamond?” Chocolate diamonds are a trademark of LeVian jewelry company. They have made the brown diamonds popular in jewelry by featuring them in their gorgeous rings, necklaces and earrings.

What is a Chocolate Diamond?

Many of the world’s natural diamonds are in colors like yellow, brown or a variation in between. Until the centuries old jewelry company, LeVian, starting designing with these brown diamonds, they were used only in industrial use. Today it is hard to image those chocolate colored diamonds being used in drill bits and grinders.

Chocolate diamonds look beautiful when mixed with platinum and white diamonds.
Chocolate Diamond Ring by LeVian

These diamonds are brown due to lattice defects. Left as they are they can be marketed as industrial diamonds or when LeVian uses them in rings, necklaces and earrings, they are named Chocolate Diamonds®. They are quite beautiful, especially when offset with white diamonds or blended in with other colored diamonds.

Colored Diamonds

This colored diamond earring pair is LeVian item #SUSH6.
Fiery Red Diamond Earrings by LeVian

There are many natural colors of diamonds, not just brown. These special diamonds are named Fancy Color Diamonds. They occur in a wide range of colors: blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, red, pink, purple, black and grey. Of course, you’re already familiar with white diamonds, the ones that have been called the diamond that is a girl’s best friend. Fancy color diamonds can also make gorgeous jewelry.

A beautiful example of mint green diamond earrings.
LeVian Diamond Earrings #SUJD14

Ben David Jewelers

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