This right has each Le Vian Chocolate Diamond offset with white diamonds.
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What Is a Chocolate Diamond

What is a Chocolate Diamond and is it more valuable than a colored or white diamond? A lot of people are asking this question lately, as the trademarked Le Vian Chocolate Diamond becomes more and more popular in the diamond marketplace.

What Is a Chocolate Diamond?

A Chocolate Diamond is a richly brown diamond that has a certain criteria that was developed by the jewelry design company Le Vian. Le Vian noticed that the often discarded yellow and brown diamonds were being used almost exclusively in the industrial market. The companies that make saws and knife sharpening tools will often encrusted the equipment with diamonds. Given diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, they are very handy in industrial applications. So, what is a chocolate diamond, exactly?

Chocolate diamonds are offset by white diamond in this Le Vian creation.
Chocolate and White Diamond Ring by Le Vian

Le Vian decided to seize this opportunity to develop a rich, deep brown diamond that is every bit as beautiful and desirable as ordinary white diamonds. They trademarked the name Chocolate Diamond and began developing this brand.

Chocolate Diamonds have quickly caught on in the retail market. There are a lot of diamond jewelry wearers that also happen to be chocoholics. They have begun snapping up any jewelry made with these chocolatey looking diamonds.

This Le Vian necklace features a square chocolate diamonds.
Square Chocolate Diamond Necklace #SUWH110

Some Chocolate Diamonds are a lighter, almost yellowish color, but most are a darker, more milk chocolate color. These diamonds are used in all types of jewelry, from rings and earrings to pendants and bracelets, all bearing the Le Vian brand name. Their price is typically far less than the average white diamond.

Where to Buy Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

What is a Chocolate Diamond if not a treasure for chocoholics all over the world. Imagine a beautiful chocolate diamond ring on the hand used to dip strawberries in chocolate. Stop by Ben David Jewelers today and we’ll help you browse Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamond jewelry.