What is Rose Gold?

In the last few years, it’s been popping up as earrings worn with frilly dresses, in delicate pendants and even – demonstrating real staying power – in engagement rings. It’s rose gold, that extra pretty pinkish gold. But like many jewelry lovers,  you may have questions about this metal. Is it really gold? What makes it pink?

A charming rose gold heart pendant from Ben David

Rose gold, like other types of gold used in jewelry, is an alloy. In other words, the gold is mixed with another metal to give the finished piece greater strength. This is because gold is not a strong metal. Pure gold, or 24 karat, is too soft to be of practical use in rings and bracelets. So gold is mixed with alloys for durability. You can find rose gold in 18, 14 or 9 karats.  For example, a 14 karat rose gold ring would be made of 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals.

Choosing which metal to use determines the color of the gold. Copper is the metal which gives rose gold that distinctive reddish glow. Pieces made from 14 karat rose gold are pinker than those made with 18 karat rose gold. The lower the karat number, the pinker it will be, as more copper is being used. And as your rose gold jewelry ages, the color may become even more vivid.

While rose gold may still be new to some jewelry shoppers, it’s actually an old favorite that has just returned to the spotlight. The French jewelry company Cartier popularized rose gold in the 1920s as part of the Trinity band. This ring intertwined three bands of gold: one white, one rose, one yellow. Jean Cocteau, French filmmaker and writer, was known for wearing a pair of Trinity bands on his pinkie finger.

While rose gold has a rare and beautiful look, it doesn’t cost more than other types of gold. After all, copper isn’t expensive. This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants a special piece, even if you don’t have tons of money.

Ben David has some beautiful rose gold pendants for your enjoyment. This delicate key-shaped pendant lends a feminine charm to any outfit. It comes in rose gold with 22 round white diamonds.


This rose gold and diamond pendant is a glam way to show the world your Christian faith.

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