What To Do with Granny’s Old Brooch

How to repurpose old jewelry and brooches

How to Re-Purpose Granny’s Old Brooch


What can you do with an old brooch? You loved Granny, but her taste in jewelry? Not so much. Now that she’s gone and you’re the sole heir to her collection of tacky jewelry, what now?

Have a Jeweler Look at That Old Brooch

First thing, whether you like her jewelry or not, you need to find out if it has monetary value. You do not want to start parting out a very valuable, old brooch. Suppose she bought it from Tiffany’s! So, take her jewelry into your trusty jeweler and have them have a look at it. A jeweler can take a look at it and have a very good idea whether or not it is valuable.

If those antique brooches are valuable then you might want to clean them up, have the jeweler make repairs and learn to love them. You can also keep them in a safe deposit box or sell them to the highest bidder.

What to Do with a Worthless Old Brooch

So, you had an expert take a look at Granny’s old brooch and the rest of the jewelry that she left you in her will. You found out that it is a whole lot of highly decorative junk. She did love the dime store… So, what do you do with it? You re-purpose it.

Some brooches can be used for other purposes. For instance, you can break off that pin from the back of it and use it on a headband or superglue it to a belt. Now it is looking rather awesome! If that still doesn’t do it for you then you can use it for a spectacular drawer knob on that dressing table you’ve been refinishing out in the garage. You need to think outside of the box, as they say, and you’ll come up with some super creative ways to use those old brooches.

Update That Old Brooch

If you have an old brooch that doesn’t have any antique or other kind of special value, you might update it. You can have the jeweler tinker with it, maybe cut a part off that you don’t like or add some stones that turn it into something you love. If silver, platinum or gold are used in the design then there is something there to save. By having a custom jeweler like Ben David Jewelers update it and add gemstones, it will turn Granny’s old brooch into something you’ll really love and I’m sure she would understand.

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