Where to Get an Engagement Ring

Where To Get An Engagement Ring

By: Kelly York

Where to get an engagement ring LeVian Bridal Engagement Ring with Chocolate Diamonds If you are ready to propose, you need to first know where to get an engagement ring. Well, they are sold in jewelry stores, of course, but you are going to want one that is spectacular and still affordable. Usually those two ideas do not go hand in hand, so here are some ideas on how you can get more for your money on an engagement ring.

Where to Get an Engagement Ring

Your quest on where to get an engagement ring can stop with Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA. They have the largest, most extensive bridal section where you have more options than you will ever need. Ben David Jewelers carries their own fine brand of engagement rings, but they also carry the popular famous jewelry designers of Hearts on Fire, Verragio, LeVian, ArtCarved and Triton. It is so overwhelming to try to find that exactly perfect engagement ring that is hidden in all those hundreds of style choices. The sales staff at Ben David Jewelers is happy to help you sort through them and narrow the selection down to a few choices to make it easier. Plus, they will want to hear all about how you plan to propose. They will help you not only pick out the ring, but help you come up with cool ideas on the proposal.

How to Spend Less and Get More

Beautiful engagement rings with lots of diamonds are expensive, but there are ways to make them a little more affordable. You will be able to choose the main diamond on the nicer engagement rings, so this gives you some room to spend a little less. You can select a smaller diamond or a lesser quality diamond. You can put a different gemstone in it that doesn’t cost as much as a diamond. If her ultimate favorite color is red, you can use a ruby! You do need to first make sure that she is open to an engagement ring that is a unique idea and not the usual diamond ring. Then the next step is to find where to get an engagement ring like that. Ben David Jewelers does do those sorts of customizations on engagement rings. If your soon to be fiancée isn’t all that crazy about engagement rings in the first place, maybe you should opt for fancy wedding bands. There are wedding bands for women that have diamonds all over the band that are quite stunning. These wedding bands can easily take the place of an engagement ring. Many women only wear an engagement ring during the engagement period and don’t even wear it after the wedding, anyway. You need to find out how she feels about engagement rings before you propose. If she doesn’t care about them then you can do something symbolic and then spend your money on the wedding rings instead. Where to get a diamond wedding band in Danville, VA. A Diamond Wedding Band Designed by ArtCarved Another option is to finance your engagement ring choice. Many jewelry stores have financing options. You can then get that spectacular ring that you know she is going to love. So, don’t let being short of cash stop you from buying a wonderful ring that is just perfect for her. You can leave most of the choices up to her and still have a beautiful ring to use to propose. If you are doing a traditional proposal, you want a big, beautiful ring in a box to hold up while you are down on one knee looking up at her. If you use a store like Ben David Jewelers, and it turns out that she doesn’t like the ring you chose, you can return it. So, after she says yes, you can bring her into the store to find the ring she dreamed of having and the store will let you exchange it without any penalty. Engagement rings in traditional styles at Ben David Jewelers The Marlow Engagement Ring Designed by ArtCarved

Shopping for That Perfect Ring

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is hard to do, especially if you do not have your fiancée with you at the time. Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA, is where to get an engagement ring that includes a guarantee that she will love it. They also have a friendly sales staff that will help you select a ring she will love and they will even help you with marriage proposal ideas!