White Diamond Jewelry is Still the Favorite

White Diamond Jewelry Is Still The Favorite

By: Kelly York

This Hearts on Fire necklace is loaded with white diamonds. Midnight Diamond Necklace by Illa at Hearts on Fire The white diamond is still the most popular diamond with women and men alike. So much so that most people don’t realize that diamonds come in a lot of colors. Everyone always focuses in on the white, or clear diamond, and rarely speaks of the others.

White Diamond

A white diamond is the clear, or colorless, diamond. These diamonds are what the average person thinks of as a diamond. They are graded by their lack of color, or by the amount of yellowish tint they contain. But, there are plenty of colors of diamonds. One of the more famous colored diamonds are the Chocolate Diamonds that are trademarked by Le Vian Corp. This Le Vian Chocolate ring is made with white diamonds as well as chocolate diamonds. Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Ring

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds are the specially selected brown diamonds by Le Vian. Until Le Vian decided to work with these beautiful diamonds, they were used only in industrial applications. All of the yellow or brown diamonds were considered worthless and used in saws and in other cutting equipment. Le Vian got the idea that they should be used in jewelry, too. They came up with a criteria to use to select the finest, most beautiful brown diamonds and trademarked them as Chocolate Diamonds. White and blue diamonds are featured in this beautiful ring by Le Vian. White Diamonds and Blue Diamonds with Rose Gold by Le Vian  

Fancy Colored Diamonds

There are many colors besides the brown or white diamond. These are labeled fancy colored diamonds. You can find most of the colors of the rainbow in these diamonds. There are blue, black, yellow, red, purple, pink, green and all the shades in between. At first you might mistake these diamonds for other gems like sapphires, rubies and emeralds. But after careful inspection, you will see their special clarity and realize that they are diamonds. This ring designed by Le Vian features colored diamonds. Fancy Color Diamond Ring by Le Vian

Where to Purchase Diamonds

Ben David Jewelers carries white diamonds, Chocolate Diamonds and fancy colored diamonds. Stop by anytime to browse our selection of loose and set gemstones.