White Gold Diamond Ring for an Engagement Ring

Hearts on Fire has many choices of white gold diamond rings.
White Gold Diamond Ring from Hearts on Fire

A white gold diamond ring makes a beautiful engagement ring. There are many options now for engagement rings and you are no longer limited to only yellow gold. Brands like Hearts on Fire or Veraggio are now offering colorful options for their diamond rings. Ben David Jewelers in Danville offers both of these fine brands of engagement rings the store that serves Eden, South Boston, Martinsville and the Danville area.

White Gold Diamond Ring

With Verragio and Hearts on Fire you usually have the option to have your engagement ring a white gold diamond ring.  Some styles also allow the option of rose gold or platinum. In addition to the color of metal, you are usually able to pick out your center diamond and get whatever size diamond you want to have in the ring. You are not limited to a set size of diamond in the engagement rings. You are allowed a few ways to customize your ring and the gold choice is only one of the options.

Engagement Ring Options in Danville

There are many options for your engagement ring at Ben David Jewelers in Danville. Here are some examples of what we can do for you when you want a white gold diamond ring. There are so many choices that a trip to thestore is the very best way to shop, but these will give you an idea of some of the beautiful white gold rings that Ben David Jewelers offers.

Verragio Engagement Ring

White gold diamond ring from Verragio
Verragio’s Paradiso 3052R White Gold Diamond Ring


From the Paradisio Collection at Verragio, this ring #3052R is available as a white gold diamond ring and features .40 carats of diamonds in the ring. It features the Lumino Set center diamond and princess diamonds. The metal choices are gold and platinum. The setting is sold without the center diamond so that you can pick out the diamond that you want.

Hearts on Fire Engagement Ring

Lorelei Bloom white gold diamond ring
White Gold Diamond Ring from Hearts on Fire

A beautiful feature of the Hearts on Fire diamonds is that they have a ring of hearts if you look at the back of the stone. These hearts show up because of the unique cut of the diamond that takes advantage of the crystal structure of the diamond.

This Hearts on Fire Lorelei Bloom Engagement ring features a diamond up to one carat in weight. You also have the choice of picking out your own diamond. You can select between white gold, yellow gold or platinum for the metal.

Diamond Engagement Rings

When you’re ready to shop for your white gold diamond ring, stop by our store in Danville. We have the most popular and famous brands of rings displayed in our store. We’ll be happy to go through them with you so that you can pick out exactly the ring you want to have. You can choose white gold, yellow gold or platinum and you will be able to choose which diamond you’d like to have in the setting.

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