White Gold Properties And Advantages

By: Kelly York

This black diamond ring appears to be braided white gold. Twisted Black and White Diamond Ring by Le Vian White gold is not a pure metal. It’s an alloy metal made up of gold, silver, nickel or palladium and a rhodium plating. It carries a soft, whitish color similar to platinum and silver. Many falsely assume white gold to be an inferior metal simply because it’s not pure. How wrong they are! This versatile metal claims many advantages, positioning it well for casual fashion and fine jewelry.

White Gold Wedding Jewelry

White gold grew popular for engagement and wedding jewelry in the 1920s, as a more affordable option than platinum or gold in yellow or rose tones. The more malleable properties of white gold quickly gained fans as styles of the time included intricate and complex filigree. A hallmark of the Edwardian era that transcended into Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry designs, filigree creates patterns such as vines, beads or lace designs from twisting medal. The softer white gold became popular with jewelers of the time, as they could easily create more complex designs than with platinum. Lorelei is one of Hearts on Fire's top designers of engagement rings. Lorelei Split Shank Engagement Ring by Hearts on Fire The weight of white gold also demonstrated an advantage in these complex designs. While platinum added an uncomfortable weight to many large and substantial pieces, white gold allowed for comfort even when including extravagant metal work. Today, consumers recognize the shine and resistance of white gold as a comfortable and affordable substitute for platinum or silver. White gold offers another key advantage for those with sensitive skin. Gold remains the best alternative for those with metal allergies. A blend consisting of only gold and palladium offers stylish comfort to those with sensitivities to metals, such as silver. Getting Engaged with a Simple White Gold Ring White Gold Infinity Engagement Ring from Ben David Jewelers White gold gives an attractive, hearty, lightweight alternative to other light-colored metals. If you love detailed metalwork, we encourage you to explore the beauty and longevity of white gold. Ben David Jewelers offers custom design services and can make your imagined designed come to live in any color of gold.