This pearl ring by Honora looks like 4 rings.

Is My White Gold Ring Turning Yellow?

This pearl ring by Honora looks like 4 rings.
White Gold Four Natural Pearls by Honora

You might have noticed that over time your white gold rings are starting to turn a little yellow. It is normal for this to happen. The reason is, white gold is not how gold appears naturally. All of the gold that is used to make jewelry is mixed with alloys to make it tough enough for jewelry or to change its color. There is something you can do to return your ring to its white gold glory.

White Gold

White gold is created by adding zinc and nickel to pure yellow gold. This makes it a tougher metal for jewelry and makes it white. However, there is still a yellowish tint to it. So, the jeweler flash plates the jewelry with an extremely thin layer of rhodium. This is what gives that white gold ring its gorgeous, shiny white appearance that you love.

Lorelei Bloom white gold diamond ring
White Gold Diamond Ring from Hearts on Fire

Restoring the White Gold Finish

When your white gold has lost its brilliance, stop by Ben David Jewelers to get it touched up. Our master jeweler will probably be able to re-plate the rhodium on the ring and make it that pretty, metallic white once again. There is a fee to do this, but it is rather inexpensive. Every few years, depending on how much wear your rings get, you’ll need to have this done.

Elegant black and white diamond ring for dinner.
Black and White Loops Ring by Le Vian Jewelers


Rhodium is known mostly for its use in plating silver and white gold jewelry and other items. It gives those objects a very bright and shiny appearance. Without it, sterling silver and white gold do not have the mirror like finish we’ve come to love these days. Chances are, it isn’t the white gold or sterling silver that you like so much, it is the flash plate layer of Rhodium you love.

Ben David Jewelers carries the LeVian diamond ring brand.
Engagement Ring by LeVian Jewelers

Ben David Jewelers

Bring your white gold ring into Ben David Jewelers anytime and we’ll be happy to give it a facelift with Rhodium flash plating. It will be as a good as new again.