Will the Public Go Gaga Over Face Jewelry?

Here’s a startling look that emerged from the runways of London Fashion Week on Monday… Israeli designer Inbar Spector, who is known for her adventurous, cutting-edge creations, adorned her models in glittering face jewelry by Lara Jensen. Reminiscent of the outrageous looks of pop star Lady Gaga, the over-the-top jewelry accessories led editor Rina Raphael of Today.com to ask her readers, “Are these jeweled headpieces wonderfully creative or totally Gaga?”

Certainly Spector was adding a theatrical element to her show when she decided to focus the critics’ and buyers’ attention on the mask-like jewelry adornments. It was a calculated decision to generate a buzz. Unfortunately, the attention turned away from her whimsical dresses and centered squarely on the models’ faces.

As for Lady Gaga, few would dispute the fact that she is the most theatrical music sensation since Madonna. Always pushing the boundaries of fashion and style, Gaga graced the cover of V magazine’s Summer 2011 issue, decked out in glittering and colorful face baubles. Here’s a look at two alternate covers of the publication…

At an amfAR benefit gala in February of 2010, Gaga sported a pearl-studded bikini, pearl-studded jacket, pearl-studded cap and, yes, a pearl-adorned face with strands of pearls dangling from her hair.

But is all this so outrageous? We think not. Our friends in India are probably reacting to these Western attempts to be avant-garde with a pronounced yawn. Face jewelry has been part of their culture for generations. It is not unusual for a traditional Indian bride to wear face jewelry as a sign of wealth and distinction. It’s the same concept and they execute it with style and class.

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